"Book it" to the library

It's been a great first week in the library...
We have such eager readers at Freedom Academy. Many, many students come to the library multiple times a week. Sometimes I don't even stamp their books with a due date... I know they will be back in a day or two looking for the next "great read."
Because we are now on an A/B schedule, I have two groups of library aids. Pictured here are the B- day assistants...

Thomas Won, Victoria Shelley, and Madison Johnson
Without them I would be literally buried under a very large pile of books that needed to be shelved.


Heading into Fall

It's the best time of year. In these last days of August the weather has cooled slightly and oh, those delicious thunderstorms.
It's been fun to be back in school and to see all the familiar faces and a few new ones. Freedom Academy is a great place!

We start our regular library schedule on Monday. I'm anxious to show you all our new books and to tell you about our upcoming programs. Click on the link to the right titled...
"Mystery Night in the Library" It's going to be fun.



Update on our mural in the library....

I just received this picture from our mural artist Brian Bird. He has sculpted the characters and photographed them so he has something to paint from. The next step is to finish a full color painting for the T- shirts and then on to the actual mural.



Welcome back to School... August 18, 2010

The Library is open so please... come in and pick out a book!
We have over 100 new titles.


We Won

Swooped down on the Provo City Library Summer Reading Program

We perused the shelves. We checked out books.
We read, and read, and read.
We turned in our logs and attended the pool party.

And today August 2, 2010
Provo City Library announced...


Congratulations seems insufficient. You're amazing.

Stop by our library and see our gigantic trophy,
our huge basket of new books, and
prepare yourself for a party.
(Compliments of Provo City Library)