Storyboarding ...

Storyboarding has been a fun, fun thing in the library. In order to make it happen I have to have two paperback copies of each book title. Then... I take them both apart. I sever the spine, remove the stables and cut out each page. On occation, someone will walk through the work room and gasp. "How could you cut up a book" I just invite them up to see the finished poduct.

One glance lets you see the entire story. Books that are often neglected or passed over are front and center and read in minutes. It's fun to watch students go from board to board, nose to page, completely absorbed in reading.


Meet my amazing library aides...

My first year as librarian I had three aides. Last year I had one. This year... I was on my own. The thought of shelving all the books, checking all 675 students in and out and managing the whole program by myself was a little daunting. So...

Plan A

Meet my four student aides, Tim Muir, Cedrick Vargas, Kelee Snyder, and Autumn Covington. They have worked hard all year shelving books, sorting and delivery all of the "mail" running errands and keeping the library clean. They are beyond fabulous. I will miss all four of them!

Plan B

Teresa Christensen, Alice Clark, Veronica Cortez and Robyn Gordon took turns, as parent volunteers, coming to the library every day at 8:00 am They made it possible for us to be able to open our doors first thing in the morning. Most days we averaged 35 to 40 students and it took both of us moving as fast as we could to get them all checked in and out by 9:45 Shaunna George helped on Wednesday afternoons. Ever pleasant and willing she kept the library in order mid-week.
What's the old saying? "Many hands make light work" I so appreciate them all.
Miss Merriweather


The last week of school

It's the last week of school and time to wrap up the library. I'm down to six overdue books and I'm confident they will come sailing in before Field Day.

Last Spring we tore the library apart and put wheels on the three bookshelves in the center of the room. It has made a huge difference in our ability to hold events and accomodate large groups of people. There's just one small drawback... the wheels really couldn't bear the weight of the hardback books in the non fiction section. So... today we are clearing the shelves again and replacing all the wheels with bigger and better ones.

I owe a huge thank you to Mr. Hurst for doing all of this and to both Mr. Bichsel and Mr. Hurst who have, this year, moved the shelves too many times to count.!

Miss Merriweather


Summer Reading

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Register for the Summer Reading program at the
Provo City Library
Registration is May 29th in the Ballroom

Fancy Nancy Tea Party

A party "Extraordinaire"

It's been a couple of weeks since our Fancy Nancy Tea Party. But, since I've just started this blog, I will say a little about it. It was FUN! We had 115 moms and daughters in attendance all dressed to the "nines" Who knew Mrs. Garlock and Mrs. Croshaw could transform themselves into Etheleen and Effie Mae. And who knew they knew so much about manners.

Mrs. Washburn and Mrs. Walters were over the top and brought us up to date on all our fancy words. We ate fancy food and sipped from our fancy tea cups. We played "Packing for Paris" made one of a kind "fancy bracelets" and listened to the story Princess Bess Gets Dressed.

A good time was had by all.

A special thank you goes to Mrs. McGinn, Mrs. Burke and Mrs. Carroll. This party would not have been possible without their "fancy help"

Click on the Fancy Nancy link to see all the pictures.


Library in Central Park

This beautiful old building started out as a milk house. People would come into Central Park from New York City to get fresh milk. Later it was transformed into a library. What an amazing place.