There's a lumberjack festival in Pigeon Forge, Tennesee this summer. Log rolling might be a good way to keep cool. Read all about the history of logging in the Smoky Mountains.


Move over Paul Bunyan.

A Whale Shark


This whale shark almost swallowed a man who was filming underwarter pictures in Mexico. The shark feeds with its mouth open, catching fish and planktin.  With a 5 foot wide mouth and 350 rows of teeth, he might seem dangerous but he is actually docile.

As the largest fish in the sea, reaching lengths of 40 feet or more, whale sharks have an enormous menu from which to choose. Fortunately for most sea-dwellers—and us!—their favorite meal is plankton. (National Georgraphic)

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I bought a new "coffee table" book for the library about sharks.  I can hardly wait to show it to you.


Watch the movie trailer for...
Coming November 23, 2011

Based on the Caldecott winning book
The Invention Of Hugo Cabret
Brian Selznick

We have 10 copies of this book in our library.  Come and check one out!



I spent the better part of a week at Palisade Reservoir in Idaho and Jackson Hole in Wyoming.  The view of the lake from our cabin was spectacular; I could have stayed forever.  We did have a little surprise.  One morning we noticed that a very large section of the meadow grass, just to the side of our cabin, was matted down.  We were pretty sure some kind of animal had spent the night.  The following night my son used the night lens on his video camera and filmed whatever was out there...

It was a
 ten feet from the back door.

It made me want to re-read HATCHET by Gary Paulsen


This is the park in down town Jackson Hole.  There are four arches made of elk antlers at each corner of the park. I sat and watched the pocket gophers play and then got caught in a wonderful summer rainstorm. It's my favorite weather.

If you are ever up that way be sure to stop by THE RAINEY CREEK COUNTRY STORE and get a "square ice cream cone."

Swan Valley, Idaho


Hope you are all having a great summer. 
Don't forget to READ!


Today I found a bird's nest nestled deep inside one of the hanging baskets on my porch. I can't imagine what the mother bird was thinking when she built the nest. Look closely at the eggs, one of them is speckled and two are light blue.... interesting.


Happy 4th of July

First flight 6-20-11

Those cute baby eagles are all grown up.  Watch while one of them "fledges" for the first time.