The Post Office in the Library is open!

Monday is the 100th Day of School

The first 100 students who check out a book today will
receive a "sparkle pencil"

You may mail a letter to anyone in our school for the next two weeks. There is stationary in the library and some sample stationary I have given to your teachers.  You may even make your own if you like.  There are just a few simple rules. 
1. Your letters must be addressed correctly and have a return address. (Anything not addressed correctly will become "dead mail")  

2. They need a stamp in the top right corner which you teacher will provide.  

3. And finally, drop them in the mail box in the library.

The second week you may send Valentines and yes you may even put candy inside.  The mail will be delivered to your classrooms Friday February 4th and Friday February 11th in time for your parties.


NOTE: Your parents can even come and mail a letter or card to you.