Powerscourt is one of the most beautiful country estates in Ireland and a treasured tourist attraction. The gardens go on for miles and there is an avenue leading to the Palladian house lined by over 2,000 beech trees. It was gutted by fire in 1975. Then, in 1996, a process of restoration began with the re-roofing of the house and the restoration of the windows. The entrance hall now features an exhibition describing the fascinating history of Powerscourt.

No matter where we live we all use what is available to us.  In Ireland it is rocks, rocks, rocks.  As a result there are beautiful rock walls.  The walls around the gardens at Powercourt were probably fifteen feet tall.  There were actual doorways built into them.  The interesting part is they didnt' use mortar  They are known as "dry walls"

I came home determined to build rock walls all the way around my property...  I'm still dreaming.