It's Day 7 in the Eagle Watch

Both parents hover over the two baby eaglets.  The third egg is expected to hatch any day.  Watch this amazing process via the webcam on our blog. (scroll down and look on the right hand side of the blog)

Temperature 37 F increasing to around 55 F
Wind  Calm

1. How long is the incubation period for an eagle egg?
A. 15-25 days B. 31 - 45 days C. 53-68 days

2. How old are bald eagles before they fledge, or take their first flight?
A. 4-6 weeks B. 7-8 weeks C. 9-14 weeks

3. Eagles are diurnal hunters. What does this mean?
A. They hunt during the night.
B. They hunt during the day.
C. They hunt anytime.

4. A bald eagle can see a rabbit or other prey from ________ away.
A. 0.5 miles B. 1 mile C. 2 miles

5. TRUE or FALSE? The bald eagle appears on the Illinois State Flag.

6. Bald eagles usually use the same nest year after year. How heavy was the largest nest found in Ohio?
A. 500 pounds B. 1 ton C. 2 tons

I will post the answers tomorrow.