Make a Brown Bag Bird's Nest... What fun!
by Ellen Luckett Baker

by Ellen Luckett Baker

Welcome spring by making a bird’s nest with your kids. This simple project can be made with recycled paper bags for a natural look or you could try colored pastel paper for an Easter decoration. The kids will love working with the shredded bags and glue to make a grand mess.


Shredded paper bags (about one per nest)

Clear school glue

Plastic wrap

Bowl for the nest mold

Bowl for glue mixture

Tarp or outside surface for getting messy

1. Gather your materials and cover the bowl with plastic wrap.

2. Mix the glue with equal parts water.

3. Dip the shredded paper bags into the glue mixture and pat them onto the bowl mold, completely covering it. Then add some dry shredded paper on top to make it have the messy nest look.

4. Allow to dry for 24-48 hours.